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Hyundai Veloster

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Since 2011 the South-Korean car manufacturer have been rolling the Hyundai Veloster off the production line and selling them all around the world.

The model was a replacement for the discontinued Tiburon line after 22 years of service and upgrades.

The Veloster is aimed for the youth market with a fun image and features popular with younger drivers such as a panoramic sunroof and the choice of bright color schemes.

The first generation was limited in the choice of engines that can be chosen, it was a 1.6 litre only but you had the option of the fuel type and a possible turbocharger for gasoline (turbo is standard for diesel).

Transmission was a 6 speed manual, automatic or dual-clutch with the option of upgrading to a 7 speed dual-clutch.

Many special editions were released for the first generation including a rally version that featured the turbo engine with up-rated suspension.

When the second generation Veloster became available in 2018 the line-up of possible engines became more vast with a smaller 1.4 litre now available and a 2 litre gasoline or 2 litre turbo-diesel.

The transmissions were also revised with much more advanced units now available taking the gears up to a possible 8 with the dual clutch gearbox.

Safety ratings for the Hyundai Veloster have always been good scoring 5 out of 5 with Euro NCAP and only falling a little behind when it comes to pedestrian tests.