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Achieving the title of “most valuable auto manufacturer in the world” in 2020, taking the title from Toyota. Tesla has surpassed most peoples initial expectations of this electric car company.

With an outspoken visionary (Elon Musk) driving the company forward, the company focuses on leading the way in battery powered cars.

Tesla have pretty much revolutionised the industry and got ahead of the big auto manufacturers by about 10 years, with them struggling to close the gap.

The company was originally formed by 2 men who wanted to accelerate the development of the electric car, after the big auto manufacturers were dragging their feet and refusing to invest heavily into the tech.

Musk came on board a few years later and helped raise capital as well as put in money from his sale of PayPal which he co-founded years before and then sold to eBay.

The company believe in the mission that to create an amazing electric car that is affordable by all they need to invest heavily in manufacturing process rather than the design of the car itself. A strategy that has appeared to work very well if you can use the company’s share price as a gauge of its success.

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