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Honda CR-V

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Since its release in 1995 the compact crossover SUV Honda CR-V has been a popular sight in Japan and then North America 2 years later when it was released in that region.

The name CR-V is apparently supposed to represent “comfortable runabout vehicle” though this may have just been a fortunate accident.

The car is built in many different locations around the world, including the UK and Japan and then exported to many different markets.

In recent years the company have started producing the CR-V in Wuhan in order to target the Chinese market with the car.

The original model that was released i the 1990’s had a very commercial/agriculture feel to it though with each face-lift redesign it has become more of a comfortable family car.

During the early years of production you were limited to just one engine size (a 2 litre gasoline) mated to a 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual transmission.

As each new generation of the car was released the manufacturer added many different engines to choose from including diesel and hybrid technologies.

The addition of a CVT transmission helped the car gain even better fuel economy if chosen by the customer.

The fifth generation model brought a lot of new technology to the CR-V including important mobile device connectivity and blind spot information to improve safety.