Toyota RAV4 Owner Manuals

Toyota RAV4

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Production of the RAV4 started in 1994 by Toyota as they created the first compact crossover SUV on the market.

The theory was that car buyers wanted the benefits of a SUV (a market that was growing fast across the Western world) without the downside of large fuel and maintenance costs.

The car was first released in Japan and Europe and with that success the RAV4 was eventually introduced to the American market in 1996.

The car is available as a front wheel drive or a four wheel drive depending on the intended use.

The modern version (the 5th generation of redesign) released in 2018 brings a wider range of engines and transmissions.

Buyers of the most recent version of the Toyota RAV4 can opt for a hybrid or non-hybrid engine with a choice of 4 transmissions (manual, automatic or CVT).

The fifth generation is also available as the Suzuki Across or Toyota Wildlander in some territories around the world, sharing the same mechanical part and some aesthetic ones too.

Since its introduction in the mid-1990’s the RAV4 has seen sales growing rapidly year-on-year owing this to its evolution into becoming a low cost family car with plenty of room.

The move away from the utility vehicle it was before the start of the new Millennium into the stylish 5 door SUV it is today has gained it a much larger audience of buyers.