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Ford F-150

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Since the late 1940’s, Ford have been producing the “F” line of trucks that are marketed all around the world as a true workhorse.

The vehicle isn’t built for comfort or luxury but as a reliable assistant for those who work in rough terrains and want to get there whatever the weather.

The truck has gone through many different iterations and redesigns over the years, as well as many sport (such as the Lightning and Raptor) and utility versions also being released.

It is a common addition to many police forces across the North of America, it is seen as a strong and reliable vehicle with parts readily available.

The future for the F-150 seems to be in battery power, Ford are pushing for the truck to be become a leader in that revolution.

The match of the F-150 and batteries would be one made in heaven thanks to the massive amount of torque available from an electric motor.

Luckily for owners, a lot of the complaints about the truck stem from annoying small issues such as the fuel door or sunroof becoming loose or making uncomfortable noises.

Serious mechanical problems with the truck do occur but luckily with so many examples of the vehicle around in scrap yards spare parts are easy to come by.

Ford F-150 Common Issues

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