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Mazda Mazda3

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The Mazda car manufacturing company is a Japanese based conglomerate that has been in operation since the start of 1920.

The Mazda 3 goes by different names in different regions:

  • In Europe it is known as the Mazda3 MPS
  • In Japan it goes by the name Mazdaspeed Axela which translates as “Acceleration”
  • Lastly in North America it is known as the Mazdaspeed 3

The compact car was first available in 2003 to the general public and took over from the Mazda C (or known globally as the Familia/323/Protegé).

The car has gone through 3 major redesigns, styled by such designers as:

  • Hasip Girgin
  • Kunihiko Kurisu
  • Koichi Tabata

The 2019 model of the Mazda 3 features cutting edge fuel effective all wheel drive technology and high quality audio entertainment.

You can get the latest model as either a hatchback of a saloon style of car depending on your requirements.

In terms of engine, you can choose a sensible 1.8 litre diesel or opt for a sporty supercharged 2 litre, in either manual or automatic transmission.

A sports version of the Mazda3 was released in several regions with a larger petrol engine and tighter gearbox.

Common Problems With The Mazda 3

After looking through forums and checking on the common technical/mechanical problems experienced by Mazda 3 owners, I found that there top the complaints:

  • Electrical problems –¬†such as dashboard and electric windows
  • Air-conditioning – either not working at all or blowing warm air
  • Clutch – sticking frequently when driving or the fly-by-wire mechanism failing (average cost of $1,200)
  • Brake problems – too soft or even juddering
  • Engine – occasionally refusing to start in harsh weather conditions such as freezing

Mazda Mazda3 Common Issues

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