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About Toyota

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The Toyota auto manufacturing company based in Japan was recently the most valuable car company in the world before having that title taken in 2020 by Tesla.

The company have invested heavily in future technologies and hold an amazing amount of patents.

The company found its humble beginnings in manufacturing a cutting edge loom (way back in 1924) before selling the patent to a British company.

Toyota (known at this time as Toyoda) used this money to develop an automobile which it released in 1935, called the A1. Shortly after this the company released a truck called the G1.

The company had an edge over its fierce American competition by being able to sell their models roughly 10% cheaper, while maintaining quality.

In recent years such models as the Prius and Corolla are a common sight on our roads. Thanks to advanced manufacturing automation methods the cost is kept low while the product retains high quality.

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