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The Toyota auto manufacturing company based in Japan was recently the most valuable car company in the world before having that title taken in 2020 by Tesla. You can find many of the modern vehicles on this page full of Toyota owner’s manuals.

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The original 4Runner was a compact SUV built on a chassis taken from the Hilux launched in the 1980s. Then in the 1990s, it was reclassed as a mid-size SUV as it was moved onto the Tacoma pickup truck platform


This 86 and the Subaru BRZ was a joint project between the two companies to produce a 2+2 fastback coupe. They have both been extensively used as platforms for motorsport such as drifting and rallying


Introduced in the mid-1990s, the Avalon is the company's full-size car. Modern examples of the car share their platform with the Lexus ES and can be fitted with a variety of hybrid technologies to help the car achieve a better fuel economy


Manufactured in the UK for the European market, the Avensis was a saloon/estate/liftback model brought in during 1997 to replace the Corona line. It ran through to 2018 when it was replaced by the slightly larger Camry


Built within the same factory as the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107/108, the Aygo is the Japanese automaker's city car offering. Engine and transmission choices are limited but a wide variety of trims helps the car offer customisation options

Aygo X

The Aygo X is the crossover city car (or subcompact crossover SUV) built upon the same chassis used under the traditional Aygo city car. It was put into production in 2021 in the Czech Republic with marketing aimed at European countries


Underneath the bZ4X is the jointly developed chassis made by Toyota and Subaru. It is a 5-door compact crossover SUV designed to be net-zero in terms of emissions to cater to today's environmentally aware market


Replacing the Ist/Urban-Cruiser, the C-HR is the Japanese automaker's new subcompact crossover SUV. It is built on the same platform as the Corolla and was first put into production in 2016 being marketed in all major territories


Production of the Camry began in 1982 when it was a compact car, in 1991 it was reclassified as a mid-sized car. Between 1997 and 2020 the Camry was the best-selling car in the USA, it also sells exceptionally well in many other territories around the world


Originally launched in 1966, the Corolla went on to hold the title for "best selling car in the world" by 1997. It started life as a subcompact car but in 1991 it grew to a compact car due to the inclusion of modern safety and comfort features

Corolla Cross

Built on top of the hugely popular Corolla, this Cross is the compact crossover SUV version of the car. Inside of the car, it is very similar to its donor vehicle and thanks to years of development it has a 5/5 safety score after crash testing

FJ Cruiser

The FJ Cruiser is a quirky-looking mid-size SUV that uses the Land Cruiser chassis underneath it. Engine and transmission options are very limited but a range of trims and special editions give buyers some control over their model

Grand Highlander

The Grand Highlander is the stretched version of the popular "Highlander" model that is popular with those needing ample car space with offroad capabilities


Built using the Camry as a platform, the Highlander began production in the year 2000. In Australia and Japan, the car is known as the Kluger and was Toyota's best-selling SUV until the RAV4 overtook it


The Hilux is known as a tough pickup truck designed to get the job done. You can find original models of the car from the 1960s still on the road today. This model led to offshoots such as the 4Runner SUV that uses the saame chassis

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser name has been in use by Toyota since the 1950s when they reverse-engineered a captured an America Willys Jeep. Over the years the SUV was improved all over, including modern styling and technology inside the car


The Matrix was a sporty hatchback built using the Corolla platform between 2002 and 2013 in the USA with Canada seeing it retire in 2014. It was not replaced by any other model when it was discontinued


Production of the Mirai started in 2014 and is only offered with a hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain. It shares its platform with the RAV4 and Corolla with sales sat at around 1,500 due to limited hydrogen fuel availability


The Toyota Prado is very similar to the Land Cruiser but slightly smaller. Originally, the car appeared on the roads in the 1980s and in the USA it isn't marketed, instead, the company focuses on the more luxurious Lexus GX instead


Launched in the late-1990s, the Prius has become synonymous with the electric car revolution. It is classed as a subcompact car and has been available with a variety of different drivetrains, including hybrids and electric only


The RAV4 kicked off the crossover SUV trend by removing the offroad equipment from a traditional SUV design. This led to an affordable roomy car that has led to almost every auto manufacturer worldwide copying and then modifying the idea


Underneath the Sequoia is the Tundra pickup truck that was supposed to take over from the Highlander but didn't. Production of the car began in the year 2000 within the US but is exported to neighbouring countries such as Canada and Mexico. [...]


Launched towards the end of the 1990s and catching the tail-end of the minivan boom, the Sienna has continued on sale to this day even as the market moves against it. The car boasts 3-rows of seating and an impressive crash-testing score


The Supra nameplate has been in existance since the 1970s when it first appeared as a sporty version of the Celica. Nowadays it is its own 2-seater sports car line that shares its platform with the most recent BMW Z4


When the Tacoma was launched in the mid-1990s it was classed as a compact pickup truck. In 2005 it was reclassified as a mid-size pickup truck as the company continued to push more and more features inside of it


Built for the North American region, the Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that entered production in 1999. Currently, the model is in its second generation which brought a new range of choices for buyers to customize their truck


2008 saw the introduction of the Venza for a mid-size crossover SUV based on the Camry. This was discontinued in 2015 but brought back in 2020 as a rebadged Harrier sharing a platform with the RAV4 and Highlander


The Yaris first hit the roads in 1999 and has remained as a subcompact car during that time. In 2015 the company started offering the car as a rebadged Mazda2 and a performance version called the GR

Yaris Cross

The Yaris Cross uses the European Yaris chassis but with 30mm of additional ground clearance and an SUV body on top. It first came on sale in late 2020 and is offered with or without a hybrid system that captures lost energy during braking

About Toyota

The company has invested heavily in future technologies and holds an amazing amount of patents.

The company found its humble beginnings in manufacturing a cutting-edge loom (way back in 1924) before selling the patent to a British company.

Toyota (known at this time as Toyoda) used this money to develop an automobile which it released in 1935, called the A1. Shortly after this, the company released a truck called the G1.

The company had an edge over its fierce American competition by being able to sell its models roughly 10% cheaper while maintaining quality.

In recent years such models as the Prius and Corolla are a common sight on our roads. Thanks to advanced manufacturing automation methods the cost is kept low while the product retains high quality.

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