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2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Owner’s Manual

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2023 Corolla Cross

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When you purchase a vehicle with Corolla in its nameplate, you already know what to expect: attractive pricing, a sensible and affordable efficiency-first build, basic interior, subpar power under the hood, and a relatively forgettable driving experience. The Toyota Corolla Cross delivers on all counts.

The Toyota Corolla Cross lives up to its name by giving you a nameplate that plays the same role amongst SUVs that the Corolla sedan occupies in the sedan class, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to the more popular and larger RAV4. The big plus here over a regular Corolla is that you get the enhanced practicality of the SUV form factor.

The vehicle's exterior sports the characteristic tame looks you would expect, and even the sportier trims do little to change this fact. Under the hood, things remain boring as last year, although Toyota now has a hybrid version of the Corolla Cross that offers slightly more ponies than the regular 2023 Corolla Cross.

The only engine available on all standard 2023 Cross models is a 2-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 169 horsepower and pairs with continuously variable automatic transmission and standard front-wheel drive.

While all-wheel drive is an optional upgrade, it only slightly elevates the expected boring driving character and performance. However, fans of the Corolla brand do not buy cars for excitement on the road, instead favoring a sensible and agreeable setup, and the 2023 Corolla Cross provides exactly that evening with its driving experience.

Inside, the Corolla Cross brings the same unsophisticated approach to the cabin on most of the trims. However, the range-topping XLE model does an excellent job of significantly elevating the experience, adding dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, a 10-way adjustable power driver’s seat, fairly upscale 18-inch aluminum wheels, front and rear parking sensors, and blind-spot monitoring.