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2024 Volkswagen Golf Owner’s Manual

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2024 Golf

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The Volkswagen Golf came with great expectations from the start as it was introduced in the mid-70s to replace the legendary Volkswagen Beetle of the previous era.

However, while the Golf may not have the star power to match the old VW beetle, it has captured the demand for a trusty C-segment compact car from VW perfectly, creating a long line of successful iterations that culminate in this 2024 model.

The new Golf carries on from the previous year with no noticeable changes to design or equipment. It is unsurprising considering that the brand already has a winning formula, with Volkswagen's Golf consistently ranking as their best-selling model and often breaching the top five across brands worldwide.

Worthy of note with the new release is the addition of power-folding mirrors to all gold variants. There is also the offering of a new, more adventurous appearance package with manual transmissions to mark the end of manual transmissions from the Golf. Volkswagen announced that from the 2025 model, all Golf releases will only feature automatic transmissions.

Elsewhere, the 2024 VW Golf maintains the familiar Golf feel—a low-slung, two-box-shaped compact hatchback representing the polar opposite of the traditional big SUV.

Inside, the 2024 Golf maintains a decidedly conservative look, with a minimalist aesthetic with muted tones and accents and a clean, button-less and knob-less dash with all of the control (including HVAC and infotainment) incorporated into either the touch-sensitive pad that sits underneath the display or into the 8.3-inch (optional 10.0-inch upgrade) itself.

The Volkswagen Golf is much less conservative under the hood, with Golf GTIs featuring a 2-liter turbocharged 241-horsepower engine that over-delivers in its tiny body. The Golf R, its more powerful cousin, packs a ridiculous 315-horsepower turbo-4 engine that brings even more aggression. Available transmission options are a snappy dual-clutch 7-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual that delights the driver with more powertrain control.