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Based in Germany and tracing its roots back to the mid-1930s, Volkswagen has become a superpower in the automotive world. They have taken over many of their European rivals and implemented their own cutting-edge technology into their models. For these Volkswagen models as well as their sub-brands you can find PDF versions of the official owner’s manuals on this site.

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Built on the same platform as the Passat, the Arteon is a mid-size car sold all over the world, although North America had to wait for 2 years. A shooting brake estate version is available as well as a performance trim called "R"


2017 saw the introduction of the Atlas, a mid-size crossover SUV that uses the same chassis as the Golf and Passat. It has proved popular right away, thanks to its 3-rows of seating and smartphone connectivity built-in


Production of the Golf began in 1974 and in the USA the model is known as the Rabbit. The car has been used as a base for many other models in the Volkswagen range including the sedan version the Jetta and the T-Roc SUV


The Volkswagen ID.4 is the second of the company's all-electric ID range. It is classed as a compact crossover SUV in terms of size and features. In 2021 the ID.4 was crowned "Car of the Year" by 24 motoring journalists worldwide deciding


The Jetta is a spinoff from the popular Golf model that came onto the market 5 years after its parent car in 1979. It is a sedan version of the hatchback car that has sold successfully as a small family car around European territories


Replacing the "80" line from the German automaker, the Passat is a large family car similar to the Jetta but bigger. In recent years the car has shared its platform with the Golf like most of the range of cars on offer from Volkswagen


This Polo from Volkswagen has been the company's supermini offering since it came onto the market in 1975. Due to its success, the chassis has been used on many other models such as the SEAT Ibiza and Audi A1


Using the Golf chassis underneath, the T-Roc is classed as a subcompact crossover SUV. Production of the model began in 2017 and is slightly larger than the other similar model from the German automaker, the T-Cross


After selling extremely well in China as the Tharu, the car was introduced to the rest of the world as the Volkswagen Taos. It is a compact crossover SUV that sits alongside the T-Roc in the German automaker's current SUV range, [...]


In 2007 the Tiguan became the second crossover SUV model to be released from Volkswagen. Originally the model used the chassis taken from the Passat but in recent years the company uses a more "universal" platform that is shared across models like the Golf as well


In 2002 Volkswagen began production of the Touareg, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV to be sold the world over. In 2018 the model was replaced outside of Europe with the Atlas but it continues to sell in its home continent


Entering the market in 2003, the Volkswagen Touran is classed as a compact MPV. It sits on the same platform as the Golf and boasts 7-seats and a wide range of engines to suit various budgets and requirements


Volkswagen introduced the Transporter in 1950 and initially saw massive success in its campervan version. Over the decades since, this vehicle has been updated to compete on the market and is again made available as a campervan called the California


Offered in a wide range of trims, the Up! from Volkswagen is a city car that is almost identical to the Skoda Citigo and the SEAT Mii. Modern examples of the car have the engine fitted in the back powering the rear wheels

About Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s founding story is one of controversy as Adolf Hitler had requested that the company be formed so that affordable mass-produced cars can become available to the German public.

In 1937 the Nazi party went to Porsche and asked them to design a simple car which was then manufactured under the Volkswagen name.

The following large brands were taken over by Volkswagen over the years with each one focused on a separate market of its own:

  • Porsche, a German sports car brand that focuses on 2 seat sports cars and high-end sports SUVs.
  • Skoda, a budget producer of cars originally from the Czech Republic.
  • Scania, a manufacturer of commercial vehicles such as trucks.
  • Lamborghini, a super-car brand known for its 2 seat large volume engine models
  • Bugatti, a historic brand of car with hyper-car models available to purchase with big-ticket prices
  • Bentley, another historic brand aimed at luxury models with big price tags to match the quality

Many famous models came out of Volkswagen such as the Beetle, Golf and later the Jetta.

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