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Lincoln Navigator Owner's Manual

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About The Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator has been in production since 1997, acting as the company’s full-size luxury SUV.

Underneath is the same chassis as the Ford F-150, showing just how offroad capable it really is.

Throughout its four generations of production, it has only ever been offered with one engine choice at a time.

Usually, these engines are a V8 taken from the current F-150, the most recent engine is a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6.

This power is then fed through a 10-speed automatic transmission on modern models of the Navigator to all four wheels.

Lincoln Navigators have always been fitted with a transfer case as well, so the driver can choose between low and high gears when on or off the road.

Inside is a wide range of modern comfort and safety features such as a reconfigurable digital instrument cluster and paddle shifters for the gears.

Lincoln has been putting more of its efforts into their crossover SUVs (such as the Nautilus) recently and dropping their range of sedans.

In spite of this, this Navigator has retained impressive sales of at least 10,000 per year in the recent decade.

The introduction of the fourth generation has massively helped push these sales to almost double what they were before thanks to a drop in the weight of the car.

Engineers have been able to reduce the overall weight by roughly 5% thanks to improved materials technologies and the increased use of aluminium in the body.