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Lincoln is the modern name for the Lincoln Motor Company, a division of Ford Motor Company. They are a producer of American luxury automobiles and began way back in 1917 after the family that founded it had sold their controlling share of Cadillac to General Motors. You can find owner’s manuals for the modern Lincoln automobiles on this page in PDF format to download totally free of charge.

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The Aviator was originally a luxury version of the Ford Explorer from 2002 to 2005. In 2019 it made a comeback once again as an Explorer-based crossover SUV powered by a 3-liter twin-turbocharged engine with an optional plug-in hybrid system


Since the 1930s, the Continental has acted as the luxury automaker's full-size and occasionally their mid-size luxury car offering, alternating multiple times. It was discontinued in 2020 in favour of crossover SUVs


In 2020 the Corsair compact luxury crossover SUV was introduced to replace the MKC. Both models are based on the Ford Fusion platform and are available with similar engines, the Corsair is the only one with the PHEV version


The MKC is the company's first compact luxury crossover SUV that came in during 2014 and ran through to 2019. It was based on the Ford Escape and was replaced by the Corsair that was also based on the Escape


The MKS was the company's flagship full-size luxury sedan from 2008 through 2016 and was based on the Taurus platform. It features technology not seen on other Lincolns and was eventually replaced by the Continental


The MKT was a mid-size luxury crossover SUV based on the Ford Explorer platform. It ran from 2009 through to 2019 and it was offered with one of three gasoline engines. It was replaced by the Aviator as the new mid-size luxury crossover SUV


The MKX was the luxury automaker's 5-door mid-size luxury crossover SUV to replace the old Aviator. Production began in 2006 for the 2007 model year and the last MKX was sold in 2018 to make way for the change as it became the Nautilus in 2019


The MKZ was the company's flagship mid-size luxury car from 2006 through to 2020. It sat on the Ford Fusion platform and in the final few years was offered with a unique twin-turbocharged 3-liter V6 in the upper-trims


Nautilus is the new name for the second-generation MKX luxury mid-size crossover SUV from 2019 onwards. It is offered with a new engine option and 8-speed automatic transmission controlled through the infotainment system


The Navigator has been the luxury automaker's flagship full-size luxury SUV since the late 1990s. It has always been based on the parent company's Ford F-150 and because of this it boasts incredible offroad performance

Town Car

The Town Car is classed as a full-size luxury car and ran from 1980 through to 2011. It was originally based on the LTD Crown Victoria and then the Crown Victoria replacement marketed by Ford

About Lincoln

Lincoln has competed directly with Cadillac for most of its life, with both companies acting as the leading luxury automakers in the USA. Both companies were formed by several of the same team and so can trace their roots back to several key people such as Henry M. Leland.

The first luxury line that the Lincoln Motor Company launched was the Model L, after spending several years producing military equipment for the First World War.

It would turn out to be a thorn in the company’s side and push Lincoln Motor Company into bankruptcy, leading to Ford acquiring the brand in 1922.

Ford then went on to release the first luxury automobile from the newly acquired Lincoln that they called the Continental in 1939. You can still find that Continental model on sale today occupying the same full-size luxury car segment it originated in.

In recent years the brand is dropping traditional sedan lines much like most other automakers across the world in favour of crossover SUVs such as their Corsair.

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