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2023 Volkswagen Passat Owner’s Manual

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2023 Passat

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The Volkswagen Passat is another big name that is close to biting the dust due to a push from both consumers and automakers for more SUVs.

With SUVs practically taking over the D-Segment, the Passat is one of the few segment stalwarts with its heart still ticking, albeit faintly—the Passat was discontinued in North America in 2022 but returns in Europe and other markets with a new generation this year, now with electrified powertrains.

The new engine lineup will feature a wealth of petrol and diesel options, all with mild-hybrid systems that will significantly up the vehicle’s fuel economy and help it meet the strict emission standards set in Europe. The 2023 VW Passat will also be available as a range-topping plug-in model with superior performance and power output to the lower trims and an electric-only battery range of up to 62 miles.

The new Passat also comes with other thorough upgrades to its drivetrain and cabin, making it a significantly more exciting package. Chief of this is introducing a new adaptive chassis control system that uses two-valve shock absorbers to elevate the vehicle’s driving character's smoothness significantly.

Other comfort gains also stem from the fact that the 2023 Passat features a longer (14-centimeter increase) wheelbase that translates to slightly more legroom with each seat row and improves practicality with an additional 40 liters of cargo space.

Inside, you also get a revamped cabin with a larger infotainment unit, premium-level seats with enhanced adjustability and climate-controlled massage functionality, and higher-end materials for the upholstery and paneling.

With over 30 million units sold and more than 50 years of history, the Volkswagen Passat is a renowned mid-sized vehicle that has remained a favorite to its conservative target audience, and this year, it got better still in almost every department.