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2024 Jeep Compass Owner’s Manual

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2024 Compass

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Nothing is changing in the Jeep Compass line for 2024, part of the 2nd generation line that came in during 2016.

If you have purchased yourself a 2024 model then you may want to learn how to get the most out of it - that is where the owner's manual comes into play.

A copy of the official owner's manual can be found on this page as a PDF, free to download and keep on your computer or mobile device.

Inside, you can learn all about the 2024 Jeep Compass, with subjects such as maintenance and operations covered in great detail.

Jeep provides a wide range of visual aids within this PDF manual for the 2024 model to help you understand what it is explaining whatever language you speak.

The Compass is the compact crossover SUV offered by the American offroad car brand Jeep and shares much of its workings with the new Dodge Hornet and the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Each of those models is offered with a slight difference in trim and styling to help it appeal to a different demographic/market.

The Compass is engineered to have a tougher appearance to fall in line with its manufacturer Jeep's own branding.