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The luxury brand Infiniti is a spin-off from Nissan who wanted to establish a new presence in the auto market, much like how Toyota and Honda did. You can find the owner’s manuals for the modern cars on sale from Infiniti on this page, choose the model and then the year to view the PDF.

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The Q30 was a shortlived subcompact executive car sold by Infiniti but developed with help from Mercedes and Renault. Nissan's luxury wing. It began sales in 2016 and only lasted 3 years before it was discontinued


Sat at the bottom of the Infiniti sedan range, the Q50 is known as the Skyline in China. A range of different versions of the car has been sold over the years since its introduction in 2014 such as the long-wheelbase L and the hybrid


The largest sedan in production by the Japanese luxury automaker, the Q60 sits on top of the Nissan Skyline chassis. Inside the car are some of the latest driver-aids including pedestrian detection and blind-spot warnings


This QX50 and QX55 (coupe version) is built on the same platform as the Nissan Rogue after 2017. Before that, they were built using the same chassis as the Nissan Skyline and 350Z when it was known as the EX


The QX60 is the company's mid-size luxury crossover SUV built on the same platform as the Nissan Pathfinder. Inside the car, you will find a wide range of comfort and safety features such as a BOSE surround sound audio system


The QX80 is the largest SUV on offer from Infiniti and is based on the Nissan Patrol/Armada platform. It was brought in to replace the QX4 and was originally known as the QX56 before a name change in 2013

About Infiniti

3 of the big Japanese automakers (Toyota, Honda and Nissan) launched their luxury brands in the 1980s as they took on well-established companies who dominated that space such as Mercedes-Benz.

The Infiniti car manufacturer has some light presence in Motorsport, though only as a sponsor of Red Bull Formula one.

The company had successes in the 1990s with its Q45 model, a V8 to match the Lexus GS that was popular among business people in the USA.

The 2014 release of the Q50 by Infiniti gained a whole new audience of customers who jumped onto the brand. The lighter weight but still large presence car was more economical without having to lose the abundance of space that a family needs in a car.

If you are looking for a replacement for your German Mercedes-Benz SL that is made in North America then the Infiniti Q60 can fit that need. The gorgeous styling and adaptive suspension mean the car can be both sporty and comfortable.

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