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Volkswagen Transporter Owner's Manual

Volkswagen Transporter Image

About The Transporter

In 1950 the first vehicle to carry the Transporter nameplate was introduced by the German automaker Volkswagen.

Over the 70+ years since the van has evolved constantly into the popular vehicle, it is today.

The shape and design of the van have gone from being bubble-like to square as the tastes of the decade change.

These owner’s manuals discuss the different aspects of owning and driving your Transporter, such as how to operate it, fuel consumption and servicing requirements.

Over the years it has competed against many other vans on the market but its fiercest competition has been from the Ford Transit.

It was an icon of the 1960s when people used the Transporter to travel around among the hippy movement.

Then the 1980s saw the more practical use of the van for commercial work take over.

The 1990s saw the van lose its fun design and turn more towards the sensible market as Volkswagen focused on commercial buyers.

In recent years the T6 version is the more modern rendition of the van and thanks to it driving more like a car is a popular choice for those looking for a daily-driven van.

You will see the van in all sorts of flavors on the road, many have seats put in the rear to turn them into mini-buses and some are adapted into camper vans due to their impressive internal space.

Volkswagen produces their own camper van version of the van that can be purchase ready-to-go called California.