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2010 Ford Focus Owner’s Manual

You can view the 2010 Ford Focus owner’s manual further down the page underneath the image of the cover.

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2010 Focus

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The Ford Focus is a massively popular compact car that has gone through 4 revisions since its release in 1998.

This 2010 model is part of the 2nd generation and with that gained a longer wheelbase and a considerable amount of weight.

The improved technological features (such as adaptive front lighting and a KeyFree system) found in the Mk 2 Ford Focus made it a real contender for an affordable family car.

Opening the 2010 Ford Focus owner’s manual presents the reader with a section on the instrument cluster in the dashboard with an explanation of what the warning lights mean.

Flicking through the pages to the next chapter you will find details on how to operate the entertainment systems (satellite radio and navigation) and climate control (heating and air conditioning).

Then comes the instructions on how to operate the controls to actually drive the car properly and safely.

Further down the PDF of the manual you can learn about the security systems such as the alarm if fitted to your Focus model.