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2023 Suzuki Swift Owner’s Manual

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2023 Swift

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It is impossible to shop for pocket-friendly European-style light cars without the Suzuki Swift appearing on your list of contenders.

This ubiquitous tiny hatchback is tailored towards budget-friendliness in all aspects. It offers one of the cheapest price tags available on any new car and superior fuel economy, even in its weight class of already economical nameplates. The new 2023 Suzuki Swift is no different.

The most significant selling point for the Suzuki Swift, like most other cars in this market segment, is how inexpensive it is to purchase and use.

The tiny 82-horsepower 1.2-liter mild-hybrid engine that pairs with a tiny battery (with no electric-only driving) is now the only powertrain option on the 2023 Suzuki Swift. This powertrain combination is a champion of fuel economy and is guaranteed to keep the car running costs lower than most of the competition.

While its relatively weak engine will not break any power records, the 2023 model’s powertrain setup is designed to be surprisingly fun to drive. The car’s slightly firm suspension makes for a springy ride that lets the small car handle well on even the windiest roads. Albeit, you won’t be getting a smooth ride over bumps here.

The elevated driving position and large windows also ensure the driver gets an extensive view despite the vehicle’s tiny dimensions as you cruise through town.

Another department where the 2023 Swift manages to impress is in its cabin space—at least relative to other similar cars. While the Suzuki Swift is in the same price category as the Hyundai i10, it is considerably roomier, packing an interior that is more on par with more expensive options like the Volkswagen Polo.