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For the first 30 years of the Suzuki manufacturing company’s life, it focused on looms to take advantage of the booming silk industry in Japan. You can find the PDF versions of the official owner’s manuals on this page, simply select a model and then the relevant year on the next page.

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The Alto has been a long-running Kei car from Suzuki that reshaped that segment of the market by offering a way around certain taxes in its home country of Japan. Performance versions have come and gone including the Works and more modern RS


The Baleno nameplate has been used by Suzuki since the mid-1990s but is currently used on a 5-door hatchback that is sold in Asia and Africa. It is considered to be the larger sibling of the Swift supermini


The Celerio is a city car that has a no-frills offering and a low price to match. It is marketed in many regions including Europe but the Indian version of the car is very basic and lacks many of the safety features found in the international Celerio


This Suzuki Ignis is a subcompact crossover SUV like the Vitara but slightly smaller. Although the car is so small it still packs some amazing features such as a hybrid system to capture lost energy during braking to recycle later


The Jimny has been Suzuki's biggest commercial success yet. It's a tiny offroad capable mini-SUV with a fun attitude and has historically been available as a hard or soft-top with small yet capable Suzuki engines under the hood


The Splash was launched in 2006 and was sold in some territories as the Opel Agila. It is a city car that was offered with a wide range of engines, including petrol and diesel-powered to help it sell in many of the regions worldwide


Replacing the Cultus, the Swift came onto the market in 2004 and is classed as a subcompact car. Many trims have existed during its existence including the sporty SZ3 and some with a four-wheel-drive system underneath


The SX4 was a joint project between Suzuki and Fiat to create a subcompact car. As it entered its second generation in 2013 it became an in-house exclusive subcompact crossover SUV that was now branded the SX4 S-Cross


Originally the Vitara was a mini-SUV that was launched in the late-1980s. In 2015 the car had its offroad equipment removed changing it into a subcompact crossover SUV and reducing its weight greatly - helping it appeal to a wider audience

About Suzuki

Its founder Michio Suzuki was a hands-on person who was born in a village full of farmers and silk growers.

Thanks to the founder’s ingenious innovations on his weaving machines the company was now exporting them worldwide and struggling to keep up with demand.

Suzuki felt the need to diversify the companies offering and so decided to move into cars.

This movement into the automobile market started in 1935 and after 2 years the company had 2 prototype compact cars to unleash upon the world.

Unfortunately for the company, the onset of World War 2 forced them to change their focus away from this new venture to help with the war effort.

Once the Second World War finished Suzuki benefited from another boom in the silk industry when America approved the import of the textile from Japan.

This was until the early 1950s when the silk market collapsed, to counteract this Suzuki once again attempted to crack the vehicle market with a motorized bicycle engine.

By the mid-1950s the now called Suzuki Motor Company was selling over 6,000 vehicles a month and started the development of their first car, the Suzulight.

This new model was well ahead of the competition, it had rack-and-pinion steering and four-wheel independent suspension – features that wouldn’t become commonplace for 30 years.

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