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Audi A7 Owner's Manual

Audi A7 Image
  • Manufacturer: Audi

About The A7

In 2010 Audi introduced the A7 model that featured a liftback body style that the German company markets as the Sportback.

Alongside this stylish smooth design are four frameless doors and a premium interior.

The vehicle is loaded with high-tech features and can be quite confusing without instructions.

Luckily, Audi has covered them completely in the owner’s manual available here on this site as PDFs.

First-generation A7’s were built on the generic MLB platform used across many Volkswagen brands in such models as the A5 and Q5.

A wide range of engine options was available from the sensible 1.8-liter turbocharged through to the sporty 4-liter turbocharged.

Mated to these engines were either a 7 or 8-speed transmission powering the front or all four wheels.

As you would expect with the premium German automaker the car was fitted with plenty of driver-aids such as active-lane-assist and automatic high-beam.

Moving into the second generation the 2018 Audi A7 was now being built on a platform designed for more premium models including the A6 and Q7.

Engine and transmission options were relatively the same but now customers could opt for a mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid drivetrain to improve fuel economy.

The most recent top-of-the-line RS7 can produce almost 600bhp that is delivered to all four wheels through the company’s Quattro system.