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The Italian carmaker Fiat has a long history starting back in 1899 when it sold its first vehicle. Nowadays the company has a smaller range of vehicles that it is currently marketing. You can find the owner’s manuals for these currently active models on this page as well as a few veteran lines such as the Panda.

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The Fiat 500L is the mini-MPV version of the 500 model, using the same chassis but with a taller body built for holding many occupants. A 900cc turbocharged engine has been made available for the car to help it sell in Chinese markets


Building on the success of the 500 model, the 500X is the taller subcompact crossover SUV version of the car. It was originally introduced in 2014 and boasts an impressed 5 out of 5 stars safety rating which is rare for such a tall car


1980 saw the production of the first Fiat Pandas, a supermini that has been offered in many different trims. The car has been sold in a special 4X4 trim that adds many offroad features to the car that help it perform well off-road


2016 saw the introduction of the Tipo compact car. You are able to buy it as a hatchback, a saloon or even an estate. It is built on the same platform as the 500L and is available as a manual or automatic

About Fiat

This manufacturer held dominance of the auto industry in Europe for most of the 20th century until the 1980’s when the car industry crisis pushed it to the edge.

Fiat has been known to produce affordable mass-produced cars in great volumes, being a popular sight on many roads worldwide.

Not only do Fiat produce cars but they have been known to make all sorts of vehicles and devices, including trains, tractors and weapons.

In recent years the most popular model for Fiat has been the 500, available in multiple versions such as the 500L and 500X. The non-standard versions allow you to get an enlarged body or improved off-road ability.

The future for Fiat seems to be in electric cars although they have been experimenting with propulsion technology since the 1970s.

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