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Ford Taurus Owner's Manual

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About The Ford Taurus

Production of the Ford Taurus was discontinued in 2019 after serving since the mid-1980s as the company’s mid-size and then full-size car.

It was always a front-wheel-drive model (with an optional four-wheel-drive upgrade available) which stepped away from the rear-wheel-drive that was common at that time.

This newer layout was lighter due to the car lacking a prop shaft that transmitted the engine power to the rear axle bringing down running costs in the process.

A premium version of the car was also marketed as the Mercury Sable and was even used as a platform for the Lincoln Continental.

During the early 1990s, the car was the best-selling model in the USA for 4 years in a row before consumer tastes changed to minivans and SUVs.

From 2007 the Ford Taurus was sold as a full-size car after it was built using the Five Hundred (D3 platform) model as a donor with slight differences.

This D3 platform was also used under the Lincoln MKS and Mercury Montego and a larger version (the D4) was used under the Explorer.

The sixth-generation Taurus that was introduced in 2010 was the final version sold in North America and featured modern safety aids such as cross-traffic alert and collision warning.

In China, the Taurus line continues to be manufactured for that country with subtle changes to help it sell better in that region.