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Ford Edge Owner's Manual

You can find 18 different owner's manuals for the Ford Edge on this page that are in the PDF format.

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Yearly Edge Owner's Manuals

The years available stretch from 2007 through to 2024 and to view the manual you just click the name underneath.


2022 Ford Edge Photo

2022 models of the Edge will be sold as AWD only and so because of this will have a starting price higher than the Explorer. A pair of new trims dress the car in either a black appearance or aid in the offroad capabilities.


2021 Ford Edge Photo

In 2021 the Edge was removed from sale in Europe due to low sales. The Chinese version of the car featuring 3 rows of seating (known as the Edge Plus) was given a facelift and now features 2 displays in the dashboard.


2020 Ford Edge Photo

In 2020 Ford announced that the Australian version of the car (called the Endura) would be discontinued in the following year. During this year the CD player was removed from all versions of the car but dual-climate control was added.


2019 Ford Edge Photo

Edge's sold during 2019 benefit from a midcycle facelift bringing a new design similar to the Explorer. Inside the crossover, SUV occupants are entertained by the B&O Play surround sound system that replaces the existing Sony system.


2018 Ford Edge Photo

In 2018 the Edge was introduced to the Australian market for the first time and the turbodiesel engine was replaced by a more economical EcoBlue option. During this year Ford also announced that a facelift was due in the following 12 months.


2017 Ford Edge Photo

2017 Ford Edge models are part of the second-generation design and this year also marks the peak of its sales in the USA, at 142,603 units sold that year.


2016 Ford Edge Photo

In 2016 the new second-generation Edge was introduced into Europe for the first time and given a new turbodiesel engine option. 2016 also saw the SUV given a near-perfect score by NHTSA for safety missing out on only one star due to rollover-risk.


2015 Ford Edge Photo

2015 marks the start of the second generation for the Edge. The new exterior design matches the Taurus and Explorer and inside the car, the driver is aided with new technology such as a rear-view camera and a six-speed PowerShift transmission.


2014 Ford Edge Photo

2014 marks the end for the first-generation Ford Edge with orders being taken later this year for the following model year.


2013 Ford Edge Photo

The 2013 Edge is a late example of the first-generation model that had recently been treated to a facelift that brought new bumpers and a front-fascia.


2012 Ford Edge Photo

2012 models of the Ford Edge are part of the first generation of design and also benefit from a recent facelift performed in the previous year that brought new styling changes and economical engines.


2011 Ford Edge Photo

In 2011 the Ford Edge saw a facelift that brought exterior changes as well as interior and a refresh of the engine choices. From the outside, the car was made slightly shorter and slightly wider with new bumpers and wheels.

Ford Edge Image
  • Manufacturer: Ford

About The Edge

Since 2006 the Ford Edge has been seeing steady increases in sales thanks to its impressive safety rating when compared to other SUVs.

You can find all of the owner’s manuals for the car on this page, an essential document for anyone who owns one of these vehicles.

The platform of the Edge is shared with the Fusion from the same manufacturer and the MKX from Lincoln.

First-generation models of this car were also produced by Mazda who badged it as the CX-9.

Originally, the first-generation model was available in a wide range of trims and engine sizes ranging from a sensible 2-liter turbo petrol through to a powerful 3.7-liter V6.

You were also able to choose between a front-wheel-drive chassis or a rear-wheel-drive one though that has been scrapped and you can only have four-wheel-drive on more recent models.

Safety ratings achieved by the Edge have varied, originally on the first model, the score was 5 out of 5 stars for most things though the 2011 model lost a few stars on the frontal occupant’s safety.

With the most recent version (2015 release) the car saw its rating rocket to an even better one than the first generation only losing 1 star overall to rollover risk (as is common with SUVs).

The 2019 face-lift of the Ford Edge brought new entertainment technology with a new modern and stylish design of the exterior.

A new trim level called “ST” includes a performance twin-turbo V6 engine and aggressive styling for customers wanting to upgrade.

Alongside this trim was the standard ones too that you can choose from in recent years such as:

  • Limited
  • SE
  • SEL
  • SEL Plus
  • Sport
  • Titanium


Q: How do I get a replacement Ford Edge owner's manual?

A: If you require a physical version of the Edge manual you can check with your local dealership or find a second-hand copy on eBay or Amazon. If you just require the information as quickly as possible then you can find all of the Edge manuals on this page or on the manufacturer's website.

Q: How do I check my Ford Edge warranty?

A: You can easily check the warranty that you have left on your Edge by going to the Ford website and entering your VIN to find out instantly.

Q: Is the Ford Edge being discontinued?

A: After this current generation that started in 2015, the Edge model will not get an update, ending the line around 2022.

Q: What is wrong with the Ford Edge?

A: According to surveys done on owners of the Edge, the most complained about problem concerns the electrics. Once the car has been driven more than 50,000 the problems appear to start on some models.

Q: What is high mileage for a Ford Edge?

A: You can expect the Edge to survive for 200,000 miles when properly serviced and looked after.