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Renault Kangoo Owner's Manual

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About The Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo is both a cargo and passenger-carrying vehicle, popular with disabled occupants due to its easy wheelchair access and abundance of space.

Production of the car/van started in 1997 as a replacement for the boxy Express crossover car/van model.

To create the Kangoo, Renault took the Clio compact car chassis and increased its length slightly while uprating the suspension to deal with the heavier body.

Customers could then choose from one of two body styles when purchasing, either as a 3-door van or a 5-door minivan.

Nissan also sold their own version of this car across Europe that they called the Kubistar for 10 years.

A pickup version of the car called the Break’Up was marketed briefly as well as a four-wheel-drive version called the Trekka.

Second Generation Kangoo

In 2007 the second-generation version of the Kangoo was introduced and this time it was based on the same platform found under the Megane.

Customers could choose from one of three wheelbase configurations ranging from 2.3 meters to 3 meters axle to axle –  the smallest size was branded as the Be Bop.

The style of the body was also still customizable to allow for a panel van or minivan setup.

Mercedes Benz also marketed their own version of the van that they branded as the Citan from 2012 onward.

Nissan again released their own version of the model too in 2018 that they called the NV250.

Engine options for this newer version were less vast than before, customers have the choice of one of two gasoline engines or one turbodiesel powerplant.

Third Generation Kangoo

2021 saw the introduction of the third generation Kangoo that now shares its platform with the Nissan Qashqai.

Customers are still able to buy the model as a panel van or minivan with just one turbodiesel and one gasoline engine option.