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The Subaru car manufacturing company is known for its turbocharged boxer engines and symmetrical 4 wheel drive platforms. For the modern models that are on the roads currently, you can find PDF versions of the owner’s manuals on this page.

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The Ascent boasts 3-rows of seating capable of transporting 7 or occupants. It was first marketed in 2018 and is classed as a mid-size crossover SUV. Underneath, the car is essentially a stretched-out version of the Outback


This Crosstrek model is essentially a lifted Impreza that was first introduced in 2012. It is classed as a subcompact crossover SUV and modern examples of the car boast technologies such as adaptive cruise control and lane-centering


One of the first compact crossover SUVs on the market, the Subaru Forester has remained popular to this day. Much like the rest of the Japanese automaker's catalog of cars, a wide range of performance trims are available such as the XT and XTI


This Impreza model was launched in the early 1990s as a smaller version of the popular Legacy. It went on to make a name for itself in the World Rally Championship with many models were fitted with performance parts such as the WRX and STI versions


The Legacy can be traced back to 1989 when it became the Japanese automaker's flagship mid-size car. A wide range of trims including performance versions such as the RS and GTB have helped the car appeal to various regions and demographics


Originally the Outback was the name of a trim for the Legacy and Impreza that added many offroad features to the cars. Now it is its own model as of 2014 and features a higher ground clearance and chunkier bumpers than the Legacy that it shares a platform with


On the Subaru Solterra owner's manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.


Before the Ascent came the Tribeca, Subaru's first mid-size crossover SUV. It shared much of the same front-end of the Impreza and boasted a 3.6-liter boxer engine in the later years giving it impressive performance and fuel economy

About Subaru

This company has a deep history in Motorsport, winning many World Rally championships over several decades attracting many fans to purchase their flagship model, the Impreza. They also entered using the larger Legacy model originally but it was only when they switched to the more modern Impreza did the magic truly happen.

Subaru had a brief stint in Formula One during the early 2000s but quickly departed, perhaps because of the difficulty competing with more established brands.

With the World Rally successes experienced by the company, they attracted a huge audience of thrill-seekers looking for affordable high-performance autos. The Impreza doesn’t disappoint and the company released many different variants suitable for all budgets to capture as much of the market as possible.

Nowadays the company is focusing on taking part in the growing and lucrative SUV market with the Crosstrek model.

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