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2017 Toyota Prius Owner’s Manual

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2017 Prius

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The 2017 Toyota Prius is an early example of the fourth-generation design that was brought in less than 24 months before.

It is classed as a compact car in terms of size but is also an alternative-fuel vehicle that has a reputation for embracing eco-friendly technologies.

You can purchase the Prius as standard gasoline or diesel-powered car or opt for technologies such as mild-hybrid, plugin-hybrid or even hydrogen fuel cells.

This 2017 model is the first of the Prius models to be built on the same platform as the compact Corolla, a car that has sold millions of examples throughout its lifetime.

With each generation that the Prius is redesigned it typically adds 10% onto the fuel efficiency, which is still true of this 2017 fourth-generation.

It is lighter and boasts improved technologies such as double-wishbone independent suspension that improves both the handling and the ride quality.

To take advantage of the new fuel-efficiency technologies inside the 2017 Prius you can consult the official manual.

A copy of the ower's manual for this car in the year 2017 exists on this page in PDF format, a file that is viewable using almost every device and computer available today.