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Jaguar F-Type Owner's Manual

Jaguar F-Type Image

About The F-Type

The first Jaguar F-Type models went into production in 2013 as the long-awaited replacement for the E-Type.

That E-Type was a huge symbol for the 1960s and is a sought-after car even today as collectors look for good quality examples or to restore them.

Both the F-Type and the E-Type are 2-seat 2-door grand tourers fitted with high-performance engines.

The classic model was known for its long bonnet and high-powered V8 engine.

This newer F-Type is fitted with more modern options such as a turbocharged 2-liter engine and a supercharged 3-liter V6.

You can however still find a few of the modern models fitted with a supercharged V8 that the company took from the XE.

Underneath the car is a chassis constructed using mostly aluminium and modern fastening technique to keep weight down.

The platform that underpins it is a shortened version of the one that is also used in the XK.

It has an all-around double-wishbone suspension setup for the best possible performance and ride quality possible.

You can also find start-stop technology employed by the F-Type that is said to conserve around 5% of the fuel.

All models have a fabric soft-top that raises and lowers in 12 seconds as long as the car is being driven at less than 30 miles per hour.