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Kia Sedona

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Since 1998 the Kia Sedona has been in production and sold all around the world under different names.

In many non-American regions the car is known as the Carnival.

The first generation model lacked many modern features that buyers expected with their minivan but as Kia was seen as a discount auto-manufacturer this fit in with the pricing.

With the introduction of the second generation model in 2005 the Sedona was made available in 2 formats; a short wheelbase and a long one.

Sporting a lighter shell and improvements to almost every aspect of the car it became a serious contender in the minivan market.

Safety equipment such as ABS and traction-control were added as standard to help it compete in terms of features rather than low-price alone.

The third generation Sedona saw an impressive leap in terms of style and features in 2014.

Modern versions of the car share the same platform as the Kia Sorento, a 7 seat mid-size crossover SUV.

Sales of the vehicle struggled to gain any serious traction though that was less to do with the quality of the model and more to do with the consumer flocking to crossover SUV’s.

2020 sees the fourth generation model Kia Sedona production begin with delivery taking place in 2022.