Kia Rio Owner Manual's

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You can find 21 different owner's manuals for the Kia Rio on this page that are in the PDF format.

The years available stretch from 2001 through to 2021 and to view the manual you just click the name to the left (or above if viewing by mobile).

About The Kia Rio

As a replacement for the aging and out-of-style Pride and Avella lines the Kia Rio was introduced.

It’s a subcompact car with the option of having 3 or 5 doors in a hatchback or a 4 door sedan/station wagon layout.

An engine in the front drives the front wheels and buyers can choose from a range of modern automatic and manual transmissions.

From the second generation model that came into production in 2005 buyers found that the platform underneath was the same as the Hyundai Accent.

The joint venture between the 2 South-Korean automobile-manufacturers saw the Rio line improve greatly, especially in terms of safety and fuel economy.

That partnership has lasted for many years since and the 2 companies co-operate on the models as well as several other lines such as the Kia Stinger/Hyundai Genesis.

Over the years and generations of redesign, the car has grown slightly but with improvements in safety ratings and comfort features, it seems to be worth it.

For the most recent version of the car (fourth-generation released in 2017) buyers have enjoyed a much better fuel economy and along with power available at the foot.

Another exciting development for the recent version is the inclusion of a super-mini trim: with a 1 litre engine capable of producing 118bhp.

Kia Rio Oil Type

Inside the owner's manual you can find a reference to the oil type needed and the fill capacity. To make things easier we have a sister-site that lists the different trims of the Kia Rio and the appropriate oil you need at