Mazda Mazda5 Owner Manual's

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You can find 12 different owner's manuals for the Mazda Mazda5 on this page that are in the PDF format.

The years available stretch from 2006 through to 2018 and to view the manual you just click the name to the left (or above if viewing by mobile).

About The Mazda Mazda5

The Mazda Mazda5 is a compact MPV built in Japan with initial production starting in the year 1999.

Other compact MPV’s on the market include the Renault Scenic, the Nissan Note and the Kia Rondo.

The car is sold as the Premacy within the Japanese territory but known as the Mazda5 everywhere else.

The car started life as having the option for up to 7 passengers to be able to sit in the car (including the driver) but the second generation reduced that down to 6.

The introduction of the third generation (the last as the model was discontinued in 2016) features more environmentally-friendly options such as start/stop technology and a more efficient engine.

A hydrogen version was released in 2007 that could run on the liquid gas or switch to fuel if available. This hydrogen engine configuration wasn’t carried on to the third generation.

The 2004 model had to be recalled due to the exhaust catching fire due to a fault in the gearbox causing gears to stick for too long and increasing the heat of the exit gases.

Common Problems With The Mazda5

  • Shock absorbers – the rear shock absorbers are prone to failure in the Mazda5, this will be evident in a rougher ride and leakage from the parts being visible
  • DPF – an annoyance for many diesel engine owners is the DPF clogging up and not being flushed out when the car is driven on short journeys only
  • Suspension – the suspensions arms and the bushes around them can be faulty though luckily replacements aren’t expensive

Mazda Mazda5 Oil Type

Inside the owner's manual you can find a reference to the oil type needed and the fill capacity. To make things easier we have a sister-site that lists the different trims of the Mazda Mazda5 and the appropriate oil you need at