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The Mazda Motor Corporation was established in the year 1920 in the Hiroshima area of Japan.

The company initially started out by creating a 3 wheeled vehicle sold to the domestic market that was essentially a motorised rickshaw.

The company had successes with their rotary engine powered vehicles (which boast ample amounts of power and are light weight) in the 1960’s.

When a rotary (or Wankel) engine was paired up with a small pickup truck by Mazda they created a sought after vehicle great for the mountainous Japanese terrain.

In the 1970’s the Mazda Motor Corporation formed a partnership with the Ford car company that lasted until 2015, trading shares and commercial/industrial information between the 2 companies.

Over the years several models released by Mazda stood out among the rest, such as the MX-5 (the most mass-produced sports car in the world) and the RX-8 which took the rotary engine to new extremes of performance.

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