Mercedes Benz C-Class Owner Manual's

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You can find 12 different owner's manuals for the Mercedes Benz C-Class on this page that are in the PDF format.

The years available stretch from 2012 through to 2018 and to view the manual you just click the name to the left (or above if viewing by mobile).

About The Mercedes Benz C-Class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class has always been the automobile-manufacturers range of luxury compact cars.

Introduced in 1993 the model was intended as a replacement for the aging 190 series and helped align the name badges of the entire Mercedes-Benz range.

Potential buyers of the larger E-Class were finding it hard to justify the running costs associated with a larger car in a time of higher fuel prices, they were flocking to compact cars.

Customers of the original model in the early 1990’s could opt for a sedan or station wagon with the addition of a fastback-coupe being added in 2000.

The fastback-coupe version eventually branched off and became its own line called the CLC-Class for a year in 2011 before switching back to being a C-Class.

The original design of the luxury compact car began in the mid-1990’s when the company realized they needed a smaller car to appeal to the mass automobile market.

Testing began in 1989 and production began in 1990 though customers would not see the car until the 2003 model year.

With the instant success of the model, the second generation’s design process was started in the mid 1990’s and customers got delivery of them in 2000.

A wider range of engines was available for customers including gasoline and diesel along with newer technologies to help achieve great fuel economy.

Newer generations were designed and released with the fourth (released in 2014) being the current for today’s models.

The latest generation of Mercedes Benz C-Class embraces aluminum and high-strength steel in order to reduce weight greatly.

Mercedes Benz C-Class Oil Type

Inside the owner's manual you can find a reference to the oil type needed and the fill capacity. To make things easier we have a sister-site that lists the different trims of the Mercedes Benz C-Class and the appropriate oil you need at