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The Porsche auto manufacturing company is now known for its high-performance sports cars, sedans and in more recent times, crossover SUVs. You can find owner’s manuals for the recent lines sold by the company this side of the Millenium listed below.

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Possibly the most well-known line for the German automaker, the 911 is the company's flagship 2+2 sports car. It has run since the 1960s and came in various variants including the Carrera and GT models


In 2002, Porsche began producing the Cayenne - their first off-road vehicle that sits in the mid-size luxury crossover SUV segment of the market. To create it they took the Audi Q7 platform and offered it with a higher level of luxury


The Boxster was introduced in the 1990s as a more affordable model in the Porsche lineup. Thanks to Toyota the company managed to get the costs down dramatically and in 2006 offered a high-performance trim called the Cayman


The Macan is the second crossover SUV launched by Porsche and occupies the compact luxury crossover SUV niche of the market. It went into production in 2014 and is mostly found powered by V6 engines with various turbochargers fitted


Following on from the popularity of the Cayenne crossover SUV, Porsche took the 30-year-old 989 concept and created this 4-door model. It is styled like a long 911 and features various hybrid technologies and performance engin options


Entering the world of electric cars for the first time, Porsche introduced the Taycan to the world in 2019. It shares its tech with sibling brand Audi as found in their e-tron GT model that was launched at the same time

About Porsche

This German company was founded in 1931 and one of its first missions was to design a car that could be widely and easily adapted for the common man, a project named Volkswagen (or The People’s Car).

They kept a close relationship with Volkswagen over the 1900s and even collaborated with them again in 1969 to create the 914 model.

Porsche also tried its hand at designing a cutting-edge tank for the Nazi war effort but lost out to the Tiger design.

Over the decades the company’s focus shifted from general mass-produced cars to high-performance ones.

Porsche can be found competing in the 24 Hours Le Mans race but stay away from most other disciplines of Motorsport.

In recent years the release of the SUV Cayenne has brought in a burst of sales from those wanting a sporty but roomy car and have the money to spend on luxury.

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