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Porsche Taycan Owner's Manual

You can find 6 different owner's manuals for the Porsche Taycan on this page that are in the PDF format.

Yearly Taycan Owner's Manuals

The years available stretch from 2019 through to 2024 and to view the manual you just click the name underneath.

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About The Taycan

The Taycan is a battery electric saloon manufactured by the German carmaker Porsche – sharing much of the same tech with parent company Volkswagen in their Audi e-tron GT line.

A concept was shown at the Frankfurt motor show in 2015 with the production model selling in the year 2019 (a fairly long wait between debuts).

This Taycan is the first electric Porsche to ever have been produced and contains numerous variants in the range. As of 2020, Porsche had taken orders for 200,000 units, which made up 7.4% of Porche’s total sales.

Internally there are four digital displays, a fully integrated infotainment system and an easy-access touchpad which displays the status of the current powertrain. A fairly controversial feature of the Taycan is the suicide doors (these are doors hinged at the rear rather than at the front and are more commonly seen in much older vehicles). The spoiler is fully retractable, as are the door handles and the Taycan has a particularly short nose when compared to its sister models.

The Chassis of the Taycan is mainly comprised of steel and aluminum, the latter is used wherever possible, namely all the panels (except the bumpers) in an attempt to balance out the overall weight of the vehicle.

In fact, quite a high percentage of the car is aluminum, 37% in fact. This allows the Taycan to travel 327 km on one charge, depending upon the driver’s setting of course. There are 5 settings or ‘modes’ that can be programmed by the driver, these are Sport, Sport plus, Normal, Range and Individual. The latter allows for the driver to customize the car to his or her own preferred setting.

Porsche manufactured an 800-volt charging system, made specifically for the Taycan which allows for a charge from 5% – 80% to be achieved in 22.5 minutes. One unique feature of the Taycan is the multiple charging points on the body of the car. There are two and can be found on both the near side and off side of the vehicle. Both can be plugged in at once, allowing for a faster charge time.