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Suzuki SX4 (incl. S-Cross) Owner's Manual

Suzuki SX4 (incl. S-Cross) Image

About The SX4

The original Suzuki SX4 was a subcompact car with a hatchback or sedan layout.

Due to its shape and availability of four-wheel-drive if the customer upgraded it you could also describe the hatchback version as a subcompact crossover SUV.

Before you can take it on your first drive, you’ll need to read and understand the owner’s manual, all of which can be found on this page for the SX4.

As the SX4 moved into its second generation in 2013 it embraced this and was sold exclusively as a subcompact crossover SUV.

It grew larger slightly and thanks to modernizations in the manufacturing and materials it became slightly less heavy too.

The SX4 was a joint project between Suzuki and Fiat, with the Italian automaker marketing a version called the Sedici in Europe.

You could purchase the Fiat Sedici from 2005 to 2014 and it never entered into the second generation like its Japanese cousin.

When the SX4 did go into its second generation Suzuki made sure that it stood out when compared to its previous version by adding the label S-Cross to the name.

This newer SX4 S-Cross was sold with Fiat engines in Europe but built on a platform exclusively owned by Suzuki.

You could find the same chassis put to use under other cars from the same manufacturer including the Vitara and the developing markets-only Ciaz.

Unfortunately, the new SX4 S-Cross is not on sale in the USA as the company pulled out of that market.

Instead, the company focuses on developing markets such as India and Thailand where they have assembly plants to deliver large numbers of their cars.