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Volvo XC40 Owner's Manual

You can find 6 different owner's manuals for the Volvo XC40 on this page that are in the PDF format.

Yearly XC40 Owner's Manuals

The years available stretch from 2018 through to 2023 and to view the manual you just click the name underneath.

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About The XC40

The first model year for this luxury compact crossover SUV the Volvo XC40 was 2018.

In its first year, the car won several awards including “Car of the Year” from What Car? and “European Car of the Year” from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

It sits underneath the company’s slightly larger compact crossover SUV the XC60.

Whether you are looking to drive it in the city, on the highway or off-road, these owner’s manuals will provide you with everything you need to know about your new car.

Underneath the car is the CMA platform used by many of the Swedish automaker’s sub-brands especially in China.

It has more in common with a normal road-going car than an off-road capable one and so is much lighter and less expensive to run.

Unlike a true offroader like a Jeep Wrangler, this car would struggle to go off-road which isn’t a problem for most buyers.

Fuel costs and environmental impact are some of the major factors considered when buying a car in today’s world so it fits right in.

Powering the XC40 is a series of gasoline or diesel engines available to the buyer with the option of one hybrid drivetrain.

Alongside the choice of engine is 9 different trim levels for the XC40 including:

  • First Edition
  • Inscription
  • Inscription Pro
  • Momentum
  • Momentum Pro
  • R Design
  • R Design

Inside the car is Volvo’s own Intellisafe system that takes input from many sensors to help protect the car and its occupants when driving.

The “Recharge” version of the Volvo XC40 is completely electric with a range of 250 miles when fully charged.