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Volvo is an auto manufacturer known for its great safety record in the family cars it produces. Formed in Sweden in 1927, they released many models and then updated them periodically until 1999 when it was bought by Ford. For the popular modern models from the automaker, you can find PDF versions of the owner’s manuals on this page.

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Between the years of 2006 and 2013, the Volvo C30 was the Swedish automaker's compact hatchback line. It sat on the same platform as the S40, V50 and C70. The newer V40 was said to be its replacement


On the Volvo C40 owner's manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.


The C70 was Volvo's sports car offered either as a hardtop or with a convertible roof. It ran from 1996 through to 2013 and during that time went through 2 generations of design


Before the V40 came the S40, a compact and then subcompact car. It was a super-safe car that won many awards across Europe as well as North America. It was brought in to replace the popular but aging 440


The first S60s were hitting the road in the year 2000 to replace the V70 model before it. As you would expect from a Volvo, the safety rating for the car has been constantly at 5 out of 5 stars with both Euro NCAP and NHTSA


The S80 was a full-size executive car sold by the Swedish automaker Volvo from 1998 through to 2016. It replaced the 960 and was packed full of features that helped it gain huge demand. In 2016 it was replaced by the S90


2016 was the year that the S90 entered production after it took over from the S80. It shares its platform with many other models from the Finnish automaker including the S60, XC90 and XC60


Manufactured from 2012 through to 2019, the V40 acted as a compact car for the Swedish motoring brand. It was marketed primarily to Europe and was slightly more "executive" than its predecessor the V50


Replacing the V40 in 2004 the new V50 was the company's new compact car that was sold primarily in Europe. In 2012 the V50 was retired and replaced by the V40 again as the new compact car offering


Replacing the V70 in 2010, the V60 was the company's new compact executive car offered as either a sedan or a station wagon. It has so far gone through two generations of design with a cross country tougher version on sale too


Replacing both the 850 and 940 models in 1996, the V70 became the company's executive car offering. Modern examples of the vehicle are built on the Ford C-Max chassis and can be bought with a performance trim called the T6


Introduced in 2018, the XC40 is the first luxury compact crossover SUV from Volvo. It is built on top of the larger XC60 chassis and features impressive technology for such a small vehicle such as a plug-in hybrid system


In 2008 the XC60 came onto the market as the company's luxury crossover CUV model. Mechanically the car is very similar to the Land Rover Freelander as both companies were owned by Ford at the time of design. [...]


This XC70 model is the more off-road-capable version of the V70. It is complemented by tougher bumpers and panels with higher ground clearance. Inside the car is also improved with more grab handles for passengers to steady themselves


The XC90 is the largest SUV offering from Volvo and is originally classed as a mid-size SUV. Many motoring publications have spoken highly about this model and its practicallity. Modern models are classed as crossover SUVs due to the offroad equipment being removed

About Volvo

They did try to merge with Saab during the 1970s but the merger was blocked by the government, lucky considering what happened to Saab in the 2000s.

The company has been involved in the production of buses, trucks and construction vehicles.

Among its range of automobiles, you will see that they all fit into the “family” market in one way or another. Appealing to different aspects of that market they have carved out a name for themselves prioritizing safety, reliability and build quality.

Nowadays you can find many of their SUV models on our roads, such as the XC60 and XC90.

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