2020 Ford Explorer Owner’s Manual



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The 4 door Ford Explorer is an SUV that has been in production since the start of the 1990’s and is popular in North America and Europe.

There was a sportier spin-off of this SUV that featured 2 doors rather than 4 that was called the Ford Bronco.

The 2020 Ford Explorer made a splash in the market with its new cutting edge technology to bring the SUV into this new decade.

Features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow the car to take full advantage of your mobile devices functionality in-car.

This owner manual starts off by introducing the basic safety features of the car and talking about the impact on the environment it has.

The following sections talk about the child safety and, seat-belts and other restraints in the car that may come into action during an accident.

The new MyKey system is explained in great detail, a system installed to help keep driving safe by introducing safe restrictions for drivers.

Next up in the 2020 Ford Explorer manual is a thorough explanation of the lighting controls that you will need to master in order to drive at night.

If you are experiencing problems with the climate inside the car then the next section on air condition and air quality should be able to rectify that.

Some common issues that new drivers have is concerning the auto start-stop of the engine that is discussed on page 173.