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Buick Encore

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Available to the public since 2012, the Buick Encore is the manufacturers current range of subcompact crossover SUV’s.

They are sold alongside the other models of SUV such as the slightly larger Rendezvous and the even larger Enclave.

When it was first released it shared the same platform as the Opel Mokka which is sold across non-North American regions by the same parent company.

There are a range of engines available for the Encore from 1.4 litre through to 1.8 litre with the choice of either gasoline or diesel fuel and a 5 or 6 speed manual or automatic gearbox.

Alongside the choices of engine and transmission you also have the choice of front, rear or four wheel drive for your Encore.

The second generation model that was released (in everywhere but the North American market who are still being sold generation 1) is based on a platform designed for emerging markets with a 3 cylinder turbo gasoline engine.

The safety ratings from IIHS are on the whole above average with the car being rated poor for headlights and everything else as good.

The cars are manufactured in South Korea and China and sales have beaten the previous year every year since release in the USA.