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Buick Encore Owner's Manual

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About The Encore

Available to the public since 2012, the Buick Encore is the manufacturer’s current range of subcompact crossover SUVs.

There are plenty of features to choose from so you can drive it your way, learn more about these features by reading the Encore owner’s manuals listed on this page.

They are sold alongside the other models of SUV such as the slightly larger Rendezvous and the even larger Enclave.

When it was first released it shared the same platform as the Opel Mokka which is sold across non-North American regions by the same parent company.

There is a range of engines available for the Encore from 1.4-liter through to 1.8-liter with the choice of either gasoline or diesel fuel and a 5 or 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox.

Alongside the choices of engine and transmission, you also have the choice of front, rear or four-wheel-drive for your Encore.

The second-generation model that was released (everywhere but the North American market who are still being sold generation 1) is based on a platform designed for emerging markets with a 3 cylinder turbo gasoline engine.

Safety ratings from IIHS are on the whole above average with the car being rated medium for headlights and everything else as good.

All cars are manufactured in South Korea and China and sales have beaten the previous year every year since release in the USA.


Q: How do you turn off the auto stop/start on the Buick Encore?

A: If you are finding that the auto start/stop is getting in your way during driving then for the 2020 model you can flick a switch just in front of the automatic shifter to turn it off. Consult the owner's manuals on this page for more information about your specific model.

Q: How do I remote start my Buick Encore?

A: If your model of Encore is fitted with the remote-start feature then you can use your key-fob to start your engine before you get in the car. To do this simply press and then release the Lock button to ensure the car is locked to avoid it being stolen then hold down the Remote Start button until all turn indicators blink. The engine will run for 15 minutes without any further input from you.

Q: How do you put the seats down in a Buick Encore?

A: To fold down the seats in your later model Buick Encore start by folding down the head restraints and then remove the seat belt. Now pull the side lever to loosen the seat and then fold it down to the desired flat position.

Q: Is the Buick Encore being discontinued?

A: In 2020 the Encore second-generation was introduced to the Chinese market only, also being assembled locally there too. It is not being exported to North America so the Encore will no longer be on sale there.

Q: Is the Buick Encore a luxury car?

A: The Buick brand has always been the luxury wing of the General Motors automobile manufacturing company. You can expect more features included with the car as standard than you would expect with non-luxury brands.