Cadillac CT6 Owner Manual's

Cadillac CT6

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Production of the Cadillac CT6 started in 2016 in the USA and China and sat alongside its sister model the XTS as a slightly longer and wider example.

The full-size luxury car has a range of engines ranging from a sensible 2 litre turbo through to a performance focused 4.2 litre twin turbo V8.

The transmissions available to CT6 customers include a 8 or 10 speed automatic or an economy CVT that works great with the hybrid option.

The hybrid trim for this car gives you a turbocharged 2 litre gasoline engine up front with an electric motor in the back combining to give you 240 brake horse power.

Achieving a combined 25 miles per gallon is possible with the hybrid model whcih may not sound great but this is a very large sedan.

The interior technology are what pushes the model ahead of the competition and inspire a feeling of luxury to the occupants. Cadillac have added Dolby DTS Surround Sound consisting of 34 speakers and a camera to improve the visibility to the rear through projections onto the rear view mirror.

The high performance CT6-V trim (previously known as the V-Sport) contains a twin turbocharged V8 producing 550 brake horse power to all wheels intelligently controlled.

The addition of limited slip differentials and sports suspension mean the CT6-V version can perform well when pushed hard.