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The Cadillac brand of car manufacturer is owned by the multinational company General Motor Cars and was established in 1902.

This company was a pioneer back in the days before cars were mainstream and Henry Ford was just starting to roll cars off the production line.

When General Motors took over the Cadillac brand in 1909 it had already carved out its name as a luxury manufacturer with many technological firsts in its models, such as electric starting.

The company went through many phases, launching multiple models across each decade with a few sticking out. The DeVille series proved to be world famous with its futuristic styling and comfort features.

The Fleetwood was also popular across several decades of production, starting life as a front-wheel drive car and ending its life as rear-wheel drive.

Nowadays the company is known worldwide for its SUV’s that boast big bulky aggressive styling and luxury comforts.

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