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The Cadillac brand of autos is owned by the multinational company General Motor Cars and was established in 1902. This company was a pioneer back in the days before cars were mainstream and Henry Ford was just starting to roll cars off the production line. Below, you can find many of the Cadillac owner’s manuals from popular modern models available to download.

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2012 saw the introduction of the ATS compact luxury sedan built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Camaro. It took over from the BLS range from Cadillac and a high-performance trim called the ATS-V was released with a twin-turbocharged engine


Production of the CT4 began in 2019 as Cadillac sought to replace the ATS line with this new subcompact executive car. It sits on the same chassis as the CT5 and the Chevrolet Camaro, sharing the same 10-speed automatic transmission on offer


In 2019 the CT5 was introduced for the first time, a fastback mid-size luxury car that replaced the CTS and XTS. The design of the car was influenced by the original Cadillacs of the 1940s to help it stand out on the market


2016 saw the introduction of the CT6 full-size luxury sedan the CT6, selling alongside its smaller sister model the XTS. A high-performance trim called the CT6-V sports a twin-turbocharged engine powering all four wheels


2019 saw the end of the CTS line after almost 20 years in production. It was a mid-size luxury car that appealed to many car buyers and was built on the same platform as the SRX, STS and SLS. It was eventually replaced by the more modern CT5


One of the most popular models from Cadillac worldwide is the Escalade, a full-size SUV designed for the USA and Canadian markets. Over the years assembly of the car has also taken place in Russia and Mexico to help with global delivery


On the Cadillac Lyriq owner's manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.


The first examples of the mid-size luxury crossover SUV the SRX were hitting the road in 2004 across the USA, China and Russia. It was the companies flagship crossover SUV model until 2017 when it was replaced by the XT5 and XT6


The STS was on sale from 2004 through to 2011 in the USA with China still being marketed it until 2013. It was intended to replace the Seville model and was eventually taken over by the CTS and XTS lines from Cadillac


In 2018 production of the XT4 began in the USA and China. It's classed as a subcompact crossover SUV and shares its platform with the Regal and Chevrolet malibu


Production of the XT5 began in 2016 and in 2020 the car received a facelift to help it match the rest of the Cadillac range. It replaced the SRX model as the company's compact crossover SUV offering


For 2020 Cadillac introduced the latest SUV in their line-up, the XT6 that boasts 3-rows of seating. At the time of release, it was the largest in the XT range and is officially classed as a mid-size crossover SUV


The first XTS models rolled off the production line in 2013 in the USA with China getting theirs a year later. It is classed as a full-size luxury sedan and is packed full of the best comfort and safety features on offer from Cadillac

About Cadillac

When General Motors took over the Cadillac brand in 1909 it had already carved out its name as a luxury manufacturer with many technological firsts in its models, such as electric starting.

The company went through many phases, launching multiple models across each decade with a few sticking out. The DeVille series proved to be world-famous with its futuristic styling and comfort features.

The Fleetwood was also popular across several decades of production, starting life as a front-wheel-drive car and ending its life as rear-wheel drive.

Nowadays the company is known worldwide for its SUVs that boast big bulky aggressive styling and luxury comforts.

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