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2016 Ford Fiesta Owner’s Manual

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2016 Fiesta

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The Ford Fiesta was designed to be a micro car that was affordable to buy and run.

The original version released in the early 1970's was signed off by the company's founder Henry T Ford's own son .

At a time when the Mini was stealing sales from other car manufacturers the Ford Motor Company had to react and this was their answer.

The Fiesta has remained the company's flagship small car and although it has grown in size so has the technology, safety, comfort and power.

The 2016 version of the Ford Fiesta is an example of the late sixth generation of design just a year before the company released the seventh generation model.

The design that you see outside was upgraded in 2013 and the new model had revised bumpers and lights which coincided with the new production facility in Brazil.

This owner's manual for the 2016 Ford Fiesta on this page opens up to a useful symbols glossary that explains the common warning lights.

Next up is a child safety section that contains useful information about the child seat restraints, child locks on the doors and disabling the airbags.

If you are having problems with the key-fob remote then a whole chapter is dedicated to it and its remote start and key-less entry if your model is fitted with it.

A wipers and washer section handles the measurements, replacement parts and process of changing and caring for the wiper parts too.