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2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Owner’s Manual

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2019 Eclipse Cross

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Unrelated to the original compact sports car the Eclipse, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover SUV.

It lacks the traditional off-road equipment you would expect from a normal SUV and so is lighter and much cheaper to run.

In terms of size it's roughly the same as the Toyota RAV4 which entered the market over 20 years before this model did.

Production of the Eclipse Cross began in 2017 with customers getting the first delivery of their examples in the late part of the 2018 model year.

These 2019 models are some of the earliest examples of the new crossover SUV and come as front-wheel-drive as standard with four-wheel-drive as an optional upgrade.

A choice of 3 gasoline engines exists as well as a diesel alternative in some regions - mated to these is either an automatic, CVT or manual transmission.

Inside the Eclipse Cross are important driver-aids including forward-collision mitigation that helps detect accidents before they happen so the car can take control.

To see a full list of the technology including the infotainment system you can check out the owner's manual put out by Mitsubishi.

Inside the PDF of the 2019 owner's manual, you can find chapters with detailed illustrations and descriptions on how to properly and safely operate the car.