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The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado is the latest in the line of a series of pickup trucks introduced by the manufacturer in 1999.

For reference, the Silverado shares a platform with the GMC Sierra so interchange parts may be possible just in case you are stuck for spares.

The Silverado is one of the best selling vehicles in North America and exhibits many of the features that a common American looks for in a pickup truck, with ample power and comfort.

The owners manual below jumps straight into the keys, doors and windows of the car – ensuring you can actually get inside – your first hurdle as an owner.

Now that you are inside the car the manual covers the seating, how to adjust them and ensure that you are sat in a correct and safe manner for driving.

A common issue with cars is understanding the warning lights you may be presented with in the dashboard, this is covered in the following chapter.

Infotainment and GPS are commonly misunderstood so the next 2 chapters focus on these aspects of your 2020 Silverado.

The latter part of the manual focuses on car care and maintenance, ensuring that you replace the right fluids and inflate the tires to the correct PSI.