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2020 Dodge Journey Owner’s Manual

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2020 Journey

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The Dodge Journey was introduced to condense several aging lines from the American automobile manufacturer into one.

Focusing on what worked with the 4 SUV and minivan lines the Journey set out to make as much of the car market happy as possible.

The SUV is sold all around the world with assembly taking place in Mexico and the car marketed to North and South America as well as in Europe.

Engine choices are vast for the Journey with gasoline and turbocharged diesel options open to buyers.

It shares its platform with the Chrysler 200 and Sebring model that is also sold by its parent company General Motors.

For the 2020 models of the SUV 2 new trims were added and the manufacturer has stated that this is the final year for the Journey to be produced.

Opening the 2020 Dodge Journey owner's manual on this page up past its bright red cover page you will find a symbols section teaching you what the warning lights mean.

Onward you can find a huge chapter on the key-fob system as this can be important to learn about considering it can remote-start and even key-less entry into your car.

The alarm system (if fitted) is covered within a few chapters ahead for more information about the security of your Journey.