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2021 Toyota Tacoma Owner’s Manual

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2021 Tacoma

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Introduced in the mid-1990s as a replacement for the "Toyota Pickup" model in the USA, the Tacoma occupies the compact pickup truck segment.

These smaller pickup trucks are great for the American market as many domestic car buyers desire one of these vehicles and struggle to justify the cost of a larger model.

Sat at the lower end of the class, at the other end is the American automaker's flagship F-150 that is classed as a full-size pickup truck.

They started out pretty bland in the 1990s but over the years the car has become a stylish truck packed full of features.

This 2021 version of the Toyota Tacoma is an example of the third-generation and a 2020 face-lift.

You can also find this face-lift present on the next model year of the Tacoma in 2022 aswell.

Owners can expect to find mobile device connectivity for Apple and Android devices as well as a power-adjustable seat in their 2021 model.

For help with these new features, you can resort to the official PDF manual featured on this page.

Inside the Tacoma, the manual has a lot of detailed visual guides on topics ranging from changing your oil through to inflating your tires.

Setting up the infotainment system can help with ensuring that your passengers are kept entertained.

Understanding the driver-aids can make sure that they are safe and that you are working with them rather than against them.