Dodge Grand Caravan Owner Manual's

Dodge Grand Caravan

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Launched in 1984, the Dodge Grand Caravan was a range of minivans sold primarily to the US, Canadian and European markets.

Production was finished in late 2020 and the model was replaced with the Chrysler Pacifica and its revived Chrysler Voyager line of minivans as a budget version.

Over the 36 years that this car was produced it went through 5 generations of redesigns and upgrades and introduced many features that we come to expect from a minivan today.

The final generation of the Grand Caravan featured a range of 4 and 6 cylinder engines mated to a 4 or 6 speed automatic transmission.

Safety ratings of the final models were pretty good with 5 out of 5 for all tests other than rollover and frontal impact where it only scored a 4 out of 5.

A commercial van style variant of the car was produced that they called the Ram Cargo Van but was discontinued when Fiat took control and pushed their own vans ranges.

Common Problems With The Grand Caravan

  • Power windows – if you are experiencing windows that have stopped working then the issue could be a failed regulator or motor
  • Coolant leaking – a simple replacement of the hoses to the rear AC/heating could fix this easily
  • Shuddering – could be the symptom of a failing transmission
  • Key getting jammed in ignition – this will require a completely new barrel before the problem gets worse
  • Knocking from front suspension – this could indicate that you need to replace the front suspension bushings or sway bar end links