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2020 Honda HR-V Owner’s Manual

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2020 HR-V

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In 2013 Honda reintroduced the HR-V nameplate that had previously been used on a standard SUV and introduced a subcompact crossover SUV using it.

The new vehicle is based on the Fit chassis with slightly uprated parts to deal with the additional weight of an SUV body.

Inside there is plenty of room and due to the lack of off-road equipment under the car, the running costs are relatively low.

Production of the car takes place in many regions around the world as demand for it is high, pushing over half a million sales per year worldwide.

This 2020 model HR-V has been packed full of the latest technology by the Japanese automobile manufacturer with fold-flat seating making the car super practical.

To truly appreciate these features it is recommended that you read the owner's manual put out by Honda.

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