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The Honda manufacturing company of Japan is known for producing cars, motorcycles and power equipment.

Formed in 1948 from one mans (Soichiro Honda) desire to turn his passion for racing cars into a business met the investment might of Takeo Fujisawa.

The firm was run for many years by Mr Honda until Toyota took a 40% controlling share in the company at the start of the second world war and he got demoted.

Honda have held the record for producing the most motorcycles in the world since 1959

The company released their first car in 1963 after dominating the motorcycle market worldwide. The Honda T360 was a small pickup truck and won the appraisal of traders everywhere who didn’t want a big bulky truck that would struggle on the tight Japanese mountains.

The range of cars Honda offer contain many well known models that have been updated each decade. Models such as the affordable super-car NSX and S2000 bring reliable sports car performance to the masses.

Mass produced general cars such as the Civic and Accord are common sights all around the world. These cars have done well due to their competitive price and low maintenance costs.

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