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2021 Toyota RAV4 Owner’s Manual

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2021 RAV4

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Starting the original crossover SUV market back in the mid-1990s, the Toyota RAV4 started a revolution that is still unfolding to this day.

Customers who bought the RAV4 loved how it had the roomy interior of an SUV with less of the heavy off-road equipment that made running costs high.

So with each new generation of the compact crossover came important modifications such as moving away from it being utilitarian.

The 2021 example of the Toyota RAV4 is a sought-after stylish car loaded with many comforts and safety features.

This 2021 fifth-generation model was introduced in 2018 and has continued to push more than 400,000 sales per year in North America alone.

It is built on the GA-K platform that the Avalon and Camry both use but with a larger SUV-like body on top.

Compared to the previous fourth-generation (that came in during 2012), this new version of the car was offered with a plug-in hybrid option.

Not only that but you can opt for a plug-in hybrid drivetrain to run the car on electricity alone for a portion of your journey.

With hybrid technology becoming more and more common within modern cars you need to resort to this manual to find out how to charge and operate it safely.

Maintenance is also a concern for many owners of hybrid cars as they want to extend the life of their battery, all of this is covered in the maintenance schedule in the manual.

Even though it's a compact car it still crams a lot of technology on board including Apple and Android connectivity for the infotainment system and a WiFi hotspot.

With these new additions comes confusion about how they work, luckily Toyota has put out a detailed owner's manual for the 2021 RAV4 model.

Check out the embedded PDF version hosted on this page for everything you will want to know about your car, including vital safety information.

Towards the rear of the Toyota RAV4 owner's manual is the maintenance and servicing section containing guides on how to change the oil, inflate the tires and even fill the car with fuel.

After this year the RAV4 entered into its 2022 model year which you can find the specialized manual for on this site here.